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Outdoor Fireplace Installation

An outdoor firepit installed by Chim Chimney

There’s nothing quite an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to add an awe-inspiring element to your yard. Whether you’re hosting a social event, cuddling up with a book at the end of a busy day, or just looking to spend more time outdoors even as temperatures wind down, outdoor fire pits and fireplaces make it easy to enjoy your beautiful yard.

If you’re considering installing a fire pit or fireplace in your yard, you should know the advantages or disadvantages of each. You should also know what you can do to ensure that the installation occurs without a hitch. With the help of Chim Chimney of Hermitage, TN, you’ll enjoy the results of a professional installation and know exactly who to call with any maintenance or repair needs.

Outdoor Fireplaces

When choosing whether to install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, the most pressing concern is how you plan to use your new installation. Outdoor fireplaces are similar to an indoor fireplace but sit outside. That means outdoor fireplaces aren’t often the spark of a social gathering as you’ll primarily sit in front of it. However, even that has its advantages as it will take up less space on your deck and opens you up to placing the fireplace pretty much wherever you want within reason.

If you don’t want to deal with the smell of smoke or have it swirling into you or your guests’ faces, an outdoor fireplace can be helpful. The smoke will be swept up into the chimney and released far above your home. This allows you to avoid bringing the harsh smell of smoke or ash back into your home when you extinguish the fire.

Finally, an outdoor fireplace installation adds an architectural appeal to your yard. You’re essentially adding an all-new element, and it can be installed as part of a pavilion or other outdoor structure. That gives you the ability to mount a TV or speakers above the fireplace. You’ll also be able to use the fireplace even when it rains.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Even with the many benefits of an outdoor fireplace, it’s still worth considering a fire pit installation. That’s because each installation offers different uses for homeowners.

Fire pits are often considered more social as there is seating available completely around the pit. This means you’ll be able to include more people and keep them warm. It’s like inviting people to sit around a campfire, except instead of trying to create a spark from rubbing sticks together, you’ll have an easier to control system.

A fire pit installation is also typically cheaper than a fireplace. In some cases, the price difference can be quite considerable, and that can include the necessary tile, stone, or brickwork that helps turn the pit into a wonderful component of your yard’s design aesthetic.

If you like flexibility in where you position your fire, whether to keep it from wind or other weather-related concerns, then you may benefit from a fire pit. While some fire pits are permanent installations, others can move around your deck or patio as needed.

Fireplace and Fire Pit Installation

Installing an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is something best left to professionals. Between the design and safety concerns that come with installation, you’ll want to rely on a team that knows what they’re doing and can install the necessary components without creating a potential safety hazard.

Additionally, you’ll want to use a team that understands three key installation factors:

    • Local codes. Your neighborhood, town, or homeowner association may have restrictions on whether you can build an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. If they allow installation, they may still restrict the size, materials used, and fuel type. Your installation professionals should be well-versed in all these codes, regulations, and restrictions to ensure that your new fire pit or fireplace doesn’t result in you paying expensive fees or even tearing down your new installation.
    • Fuel type. Most fire pits and fireplaces tend to use one of two fuels: gas or wood. Your installation professionals should be knowledgeable and experience in the fuel type you prefer and help you make important decisions regarding the design and location of your fire pit or fireplace based on the fuel type.
    • Location. Speaking of location, your installation professionals should understand that where your fire pit or fireplace is installed is perhaps the most important safety consideration. Installing one in the wrong place can lead to an out-of-control fire or make it impossible for you to light a fire. The latter can sometimes make homeowners use too much fuel, which is a real safety hazard.

Digging a bit deeper, you’ll want to think about accessibility and your preferred design aesthetic before the installation team gets to work. For instance, if you’re going with a fire pit, you’ll want to ensure you have appropriate seating completely around the pit.

Enjoy The Warmth of an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

The first time you use your new outdoor fire pit or fireplace, you’ll know that the thought you put into your new installation is worth it. Of course, that’s only if you hire a professional installation team well-steeped in knowledge and experience.

So, make sure to give Chim Chimney a call if you’re considering a new outdoor fire pit or fireplace. We’ll help you understand how design and location decisions can impact the final installation, and we’ll get to work quickly so you can get to enjoy your new fire pit or fireplace sooner than later.

Call us today at 615-364-8987.

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