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Beautiful brick fireplaces can add a lot of charm and coziness to your home, even when you don’t have a fire lit. But vintage-style fireplaces, dark brick or stone installations, and outdated styles can make that charm wear thin for many homeowners. At Chim Chimney, we see fireplaces from all eras and construction styles across Nashville, Tennessee, and our team has assembled some of our favorite ways to upgrade and update your fireplace so it becomes a beautiful feature in your home. Keep reading to see how to make a brick fireplace look modern—and then call our team in to make sure it’s in tip-top shape for fall and winter.

Paint the Fireplace: From Vintage to Elegant

An easy and transformative way to make your fireplace instantly more bright and modern is by painting it. A popular option is whitewashing the brick to give it a rustic country vibe that simultaneously softens and brightens the fixture. Whitewashing can be done with a conventional limewash mixture, or it can be done with masonry paint. The look can vary from a partial white look that lets the original coloring peek through, or you can cover the brick with a solid white coat.

Other popular painting trends include:

  • Grey or cream to give the fireplace a softer and more muted appearance. These off-white variations can fit into any home style and color palette.
  • Black for an eye-popping, modern vibe. Black paint creates a dramatic finish that is perfect for mid-century and vintage fireplaces.

Before you start painting your fireplace, schedule a service appointment for a thorough cleaning and inspection. Then you can be sure your fireplace is in great condition before you get started—especially if you want a bright white finish!

Add a New Floating Mantel

Many older fireplaces have a seat extending along the foot of the fireplace but don’t have a mantle. Install one — or replace an existing mantle that doesn’t fit your interior design style. Mantles are a great place for photos, potted plants, and fun display items. The proper mantle can also frame your fireplace place to make it stand out and become a signature feature in your living room.

Floating mantles are installed right into the brick face without any visible supports. This gives the installation a sleek, modern vibe that doesn’t visually clutter the space.

Reface the Fireplace

Another strategy to make a brick fireplace look modern is to reface it entirely. If you have a vintage brick pattern that juts out from the wall, bricks you don’t like the look of, or old grout and crumbling brick that’s been around for decades, try refacing the fireplace with new surface material. Professional fireplace remodelers can transform the brick surface into a stone surface, replace it with sleek tile, or add paneling and columns for a stately vibe. The possibilities are endless for refacing the fireplace to make it match your favorite modern brick fireplace ideas.

Maintain Your Fireplace With Chim Chimney Chimney Maintenance Services

Do you have a vision for your ideal fireplace? Bring it to life with any of these ideas about how to make a brick fireplace look modern. Then ensure your fireplace is ready for the next rainy day with professional inspections, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning so the inside of your chimney is just as ready as your new fireplace finish.

Contact our team at Chim Chimney to schedule a chimney maintenance service appointment today.

We have over 20 years of experience providing chimney cleaning services around Nashville, and our company is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Image Source: Ruth Peterkin / Shutterstock