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Chimney Crown Repair in Hermitage, TN

Chimneys come in many shapes and sizes, but no matter what style of chimney you have, the crown is always one of the most important parts. Whether you’re remodeling an older home or installing a brand new chimney, investing in a durable crown is a smart decision. At Chim Chimney, we’re experts with over 20 years of experience in chimney crown repair and installation in Nashville. Trust us; this is one area where you want the best quality you can get.

Your Home’s Chimney Crown

What is the chimney crown? It’s a custom slab of concrete that covers the chimney completely, sitting on top of the brick and forming a tight seal with the flue tile opening. This ensures that smoke can leave the home through the flue, but rain can’t get inside.

A good crown should be thick so it can stand up to decades of cold weather, strong winds, and rain in Nashville, TN. Some types of chimney crowns have an overhang of several inches, which is more challenging to install but provides even better performance and durability.

The Chimney Crown Repair Process

The type of crown repair needed depends on the amount of damage present. We offer several solutions:

  • Chimney crown sealer application: If your current chimney crown is in good shape and only has a few hairline cracks, having a professional apply chimney crown sealer is a relatively inexpensive solution. The waterproof sealant covers minor cracks and keeps moisture away. This process is common during regular chimney maintenance as a way to keep problems from appearing.
  • Chimney crown crack repair: Our team can also handle cracks that are more pronounced but not too widespread. In this case, repairing chimney crown surfaces involves a cement material that fills in cracks and creates a smooth, thick layer. Afterward, a chimney crown sealer is applied for extra protection.
  • Crown replacement: When your chimney crown has deep cracks, large pieces of concrete missing, or open spaces between the crown and the flue, the best way to tackle repairs is usually to rebuild the crown. This requires professional experience because you don’t want to damage the underlying brick or flue tiles. After completely removing the old crown, our team installs a new one that fits perfectly.
  • Precast crown installation: One option for installing a new crown is to frame the area and pour concrete into the frame. Another option is to have us install a precast crown. This means we create the custom form offsite and transport it to your home.

Our professional chimney crown repair services give you the quality you can count on, rain or shine. We show you the benefits of each option available and help you choose one that fits your budget, too.

Chimney Crowns for Weather Protection

Why is repairing chimney crown cracks and gaps so important? In a way, a carefully sealed crown does the same thing for your house as the windshield does for your automobile: It keeps hail, snow, wind, and rain on the outside, maintaining the inside warm and dry. The crown is also the main part of pest prevention.

Any cracks allow moisture to get inside the roof or walls of your home. That’s bad because it can cause problems with mold growth and water damage. Scheduling professional crown repair right away can make a huge difference.

Benefits of Professional Chimney Crown Repair

Our certified chimney experts understand the problems that can appear in chimneys and the best ways to prevent them. Here are the benefits of calling us:

  • It saves you money: It’s less expensive to hire a professional for chimney crown repairs problems than to have to pay for home remodeling because of water damage from cheap “fixes.”
  • You get a solution that really works: We know everything there is to know about chimneys. That means we only recommend repairs that are really going to solve the problem, not just hide it.
  • It prevents bigger problems: Applying chimney crown sealer to small cracks can often keep damage from getting worse. If you suspect a problem, contact us right away.
  • Your chimney stays in excellent condition: Correcting problems with chimney cap repairs prevents damage to chimney brick and flue tiles. This helps your entire chimney last longer.

Signs of Chimney Crown Problems

While your chimney’s crown is designed to last a long time, it has to put up with some pretty harsh weather all year long. Freezing and thawing every year can eventually cause cracks or leaks. After a while, the chimney crown sealer can wear away as well.

How can you tell if your home needs chimney crown repairs? It’s not always easy from the ground, but here are a few warning signs:

  • Moisture leaking into the chimney
  • Drops of water in the firebox
  • Visible cracks in the crown
  • Missing chunks of concrete from the crown

Obviously, you’re not going to crawl up on the roof for a visual inspection yourself. That’s why scheduling annual maintenance for your whole chimney is such a big help.

Chimney Crown Repair Experts in Leipers Fork, TN

At Chim Chimney, we provide chimney crown repair solutions that last ages. We do things the right way, so you get the best results. Our goal is to save you money and give you a chimney that makes you happy for decades. To learn more about repairing chimney crown problems, call (615) 364-8987 or contact us online. We’re available 24/7 to help!


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