Tips to Update your Dryer Vent

Tips to Update your Dryer Vent

Here some quick suggestions to help improve the performance of your dryer by having a clean dryer air duct vent.

The white plastic or aluminum-foil exhaust ducting on dryer vents is the most commonly used dryer vent duct material, even in new construction. While this material was thought to be fine in earlier days, we now know that this material is flammable and causes a number of issues with the exhaust from the hot air from your dryer.

The ribbed, corrugated surface inside this type of pipe acts like a bunch of tiny speed bumps, slowing down airflow and reducing your dryer’s energy efficiency.   The tiny speed bumps also allow for lint to accumulate in the line. This causes additional issues with air flow and traps the highly flammable lint close to the dyer. If the motor overheats, it can melt the plastic ducting and lead to a house fire. Current owner’s manuals warn against using this material.

Here are some tips to make sure you have the safest dryer vent system in your home:

  1. Be sure your dryer vent ducting is at least 4 inches in diameter. Have it professionally cleaned once a year to be sure you have clean, unobstructed air flow. This cleaning will quicken your dry times, be easier on your clothes, and reduce your utility bills.
  2. Transition hoses should be made of aluminum (Never use plastic or vinyl).
  3. Install duct joints and secure them with metal tape (not duct tape). Do not use rivets or screws as these will cause lint accumulation in the line.
  4. Be sure your dryer vent is independent from other ventilation systems such as your chimney or your kitchen exhaust vent, and be sure it vents to the exterior of the home.
  5. Install a proper hood or cap to the exterior of the vent. This will prevent animals from taking up residence in your ventilation system. Once a bird, other than a sparrow, has nested in your vent, it is illegal in the state of Tennessee to remove the nest. Prevention is definitely the best course of action here.

Let Chim-Chimney come out today and inspect your dryer vent system to potentially prevent a house fire at your home.

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