Dryer Vent Cleaning & Inspection

1For many families, the clothes dryer is an indispensable convenience and often considered a necessity. Because of the focus on the functionality of the appliance, most forget about routine maintenance but without proper maintenance, clothes dryers can start a home fire!

Over 15,600 fires were started by a clothes dryers in America last year.  The losses from these fires is estimated to cost homeowners $99 million in damages.  Annual inspections can not only prevent a home fire, but can greatly increase the efficiency of your dryer, saving you money.

These fires are caused when lint builds up over time in the dryer vent, or animals decide to nest in the vent.  In addition, newly constructed homes tend to have dryers installed in bathrooms, kitchens or hall closets that are away from outside walls.  These locations mean dryers tend to be vented longer distances with sharp turns and bends to accommodate the structure of the home.

Our experienced crews will clean out your dryer vent and make sure it is properly venting to an outside wall.  Properly installed dryer vent covers can prevent the animals in your neighborhood from setting up shop in your vent.

2Dryer vents are the perfect nesting place for birds, snakes, and rodents of all kinds. Most people do not know that with the exception of a couple of bird species, it is against the law to move the nest once it is created.  And besides, not many of us want to disturb a nest of birds once the eggs are laid.

Properly installing bird guards and/or flappers can prevent animals from inhabiting the dryer vent and creating a potentially dangerous situation for your home.  Annual inspections of your external vent covers will ensure there are no cracks due to weather conditions, or an ambitious animal that has been trying to dig in.


Many homes, even new construction homes, have plastic flexible ducts in them to vent the dryers to an outside wall.  All manufacturers now state in their manuals NOT to use plastic flexible dryer ducts because the plastic itself can add fuel to a dryer vent fire and make the fire spread faster.

Many homes have flexible foil vents, thought to be better than plastic.  However, these foil vents can sag, allowing lint to build up and catch on fire if it comes in contact with a sufficient amount of heat.  If a fire starts beneath the dryer when the motor overheats, the drafts from the dryer can pull that fire up into the duct and start a house fire.

Faulty installations can vent dryer exhaust to the attic, crawl space, chimney or interior walls, which can cause indoor air deterioration and mold buildup. Dryer vents should be made of rigid aluminum and should always exhaust to the exterior of the home.  Chim Chimney can inspect your entire dryer vent system and update your home with the most up to date, safe, metal ducts.

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