Caps & Dampers

68Chase covers are located at the top of the chimney and cover the entire chimney chase. Their purpose is to protect the fireplace system from outside elements and animal invasion. In general housing construction, chase covers are made with inferior products and poorly designed which allows for water pooling and sagging. Most homeowners are unaware that there is a problem until they see water intrusion or rust stains. If a leak is unattended it will eventually rust the entire fireplace system and rot the wood structures that house them. Our chase covers are designed with a cross break and rise to ensure water runoff and prevent damage to a chimney’s masonry from water.

What happens when you don't have a chimney cap

Birds, squirrels, raccoons and other animals love to set up house in chimneys. The isolated space is ideal for many mama critters to nest, hatch, and nurture their babies.   A chimney without a cap is the perfect habitat because the animals have free access in and out. Over time, their nests become quite elaborate and can block the flue, causing Histoplasmosis (a dangerous fungus found in the droppings of birds and bats in humid areas) to form in your chimney.

Most people are not aware that with the exception of sparrows, it is illegal to move a bird’s nest once it has been built. A chimney cap is the perfect solution to keeping animals out of your chimney. Not only will it prevent animals from nesting, but it will prevent rain and debris from entering your chimney as well.


A chimney cap is critical to the efficiency of your chimney as it protects your chimney from animals, rain, and debris. Chim Chimney offers a wide variety of chimney caps to fit every taste and budget.

We also recommend chimney dampers be installed in your chimney. The damper serves several purposes within a chimney. The most important thing a damper does is conserve energy in your home.   A fireplace without a damper is like having a window in your home open year round.  Installing a top mount damper will seal off the chimney when not in use. This will prevent heat or cold air from escaping through the flue, saving you money on heating and air costs.

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