Preventing leaky chimneys during the rainy season

Preventing leaky chimneys during the rainy season

Spring has finally arrived! And with it come spring showers. We’ve put together a quick list for you to review so you can sure your chimney is in tip-top shape and ready for the rainy season.


1. Put a cap on it! Chimneys without a cap or cover often get a lot of rain coming straight in. The cap will not only protect from the water, but will also prevent animals from setting up house in your chimney and building their nests.



2. Check for cracks! Cracks in the mortar joints and chimney crown (concrete slab at the top of the chimney) or gaps in the flashing (sheet metal installed at any break in a shingled roof line) are often the culprits for leaks.


3. Do you have peeling paint or wallpaper around the chimney? This could be a sign of moisture or condensation, often associated with older chimneys. The fix could be as easy as a chimney liner.


4. If your house has wood siding, loose knots and cracks could also lead to water getting in behind the siding and leaking into the house. Have a professional check that both the siding and chimney are properly sealed.


5. If you do have a leak, know where it is coming from! Chimney leaks may not start with the chimney. Be sure that your chimney sweep and roofer are working together to find the exact origin of the leak.


7. Call us! The best prevention for leaky chimneys is to have your annual inspection before the problem occurs. Make your appointment with Chim Chimney today!


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