Hiring a National Chimney Sweep Guild member means hiring a true professional in the trade

Hiring a National Chimney Sweep Guild member means hiring a true professional in the trade

Most of us have very little knowledge about what really makes our home comfort systems work correctly. This is true if you have a standard heat pump or if your home is heated with a warm and cozy fireplace. We certainly are not experts on the maintenance required to keep it running as efficiently as possible. We rely on professionals to inspect our systems and make recommendations for repairs as necessary.

But how do you know the work really needs to be done? When it comes to fireplaces and chimneys, rely on the members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. This organization is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit trade association whose purpose is to provide progressive services, encourage professionalism and ethical accountability, and advancing the chimney industry through public awareness of the trade.

Membership in the National Chimney Sweep Guild indicates professionalism and credibility in the trade. Members have access to regular technical updates and most importantly, are required to sign and adhere to a Code of Ethics. According the the NCSG website, members pledge to:

  1. Represent themselves and the company in a professional manner by providing services, education and skills that are in compliance with all codes and regulations applicable to the chimney service industry
  2. Continually update their knowledge, skills and techniques as new information evolves
  3. Render their services and represent their company in an honest and fair manner and to refrain from engaging in unfair or deceptive practices, including unfair or deceptive statements.
  4. Conduct themselves in a decent, respectful, and professional manner when serving in the chimney sweep capacity

Chim Chimney is proud to be a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild and proudly displays their logo on the website. You can rest assured that when you call Chim Chimney to inspect and service your chimney, you are getting someone dedicated to professionalism and ethical conduct in their industry.



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