Hiring a Master Mason

Hiring a Master Mason

Keeping your chimney in good condition not only adds to the aesthetic look of your home, but also keeps the fires burning safely for your family. Chim Chimney employs a full time Master Mason to address any issues with brick chimneys our clients encounter. So, what is different about a Master Mason? Why should I worry about hiring a master mason?

A bricklayer or mason is a craftsman who prepares and lays brick, stone, structure tiles, marble, concrete block and other masonry materials to build or repair walls, fireplaces, and other structures. Masonry training starts with an apprenticeship where the individual works for and learns from a Master Mason. An apprenticeship is a formal training contract with an employer that leads to a recognized qualification.

A good bricklayer needs to have a good sense of balance, as they are often working on scaffolding or ladders, and the strength and stamina to work with heavy tools. In most cases, apprenticeship lasts 3 years. Following apprenticeship, the mason enters the journeyman phase of his career. This usually lasts 3 years and gives the mason the opportunity to really perfect his craft and gain invaluable in-the-field experience. After many years of experience, the journeyman can test to become a master mason. This requires being able to work well with others and shows the mason to be at the top of his or her field. At this point, they often take on new apprentices to continue the traditions through the generations.

Chim Chimney is proud to have kept a Master Mason with many years of experience on their staff for the past 4 years. Brick issues can range from simple mortar repair jobs to complete tear down and re-builds of chimneys. We believe it is important to have the most qualified technicians working on our customers’ homes.   Our Master Mason has the experience to tackle any challenge and do so with the highest level of expertise.

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