Have a Fire Safety Plan for your Family

Have a Fire Safety Plan for your Family

No one plans to have their house go up in smoke, but house fires do happen and without proper escape planning, can lead to tragedy. According to the National Fire Protection Association, your ability to get out depends on advance warning and advance planning. Having a Fire Safety Plan in place could save you vital time if tragedy were to strike.

Installing smoke alarms will give you the advance warning you need to be able to safely escape a fire. Be sure smoke alarms are installed on every floor of your home, and in or near all bedrooms. If possible, have them linked so if one goes off, they all go off. Replace the batteries every year. An easy way to remember to do this is to do it when daylight savings time kicks in. Once you have your warning system in place, everyone in the family needs to know what to do if the alarm sounds

Escape Plan Basics

  1. Everyone, particularly children, must be aware of the plan and know escape routes from all areas of the house.
  2. Every room has at least 2 ways to escape including doors and windows. Explain to the kids how to determine the best route of escape
  3. Determine an outside meeting place a safe distance from your home where everyone will meet after they have escaped. Choose a mailbox, tree in the back yard, neighbor’s house, etc.
  4. If you have infants, or family members with mobility issues, make sure someone is assigned the task of helping them escape.
  5. Have safety ladders in second floor bedrooms and make sure everyone knows how to use them properly.
  6. Be sure everyone knows to call 911 once they have reached the safe meeting place outside

Most important is to be fully prepared for a real fire to occur. When the smoke alarm sounds, don’t assume it is a test and delay getting out of the home – get out immediately! And under no circumstances should you ever go back in a burning building. If someone has not made it to the meeting place when the fire department arrives, let them know and allow them to do their jobs.

Test your plan once or twice every year. Children in particular need to practice these drills in order to avoid panic should a real fire break out. Prevent a tragedy in your family with a great plan and practice.


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