Financing is now available for costly chimney repairs

Financing is now available for costly chimney repairs

New at Chim Chimney! We now offer financing, with approved credit, for those unexpected chimney repairs.

Regular preventive maintenance is the best defense against costly chimney or fireplace repairs that can break your budget, especially when the damage goes deeper than first glance affords, and repairs require work beyond just the chimney itself.

Water damage is a very common issue with fireplaces, and can be a very costly thing to repair. Most masonry materials are porous and absorb water, pulling moisture to the interior of the chimney. We use waterproofing agents developed specifically for brick chimneys that allow the chimney to breathe, prevent water damage on the inside from water vapors, and prevent water from entering the chimney from the outside.

Brick spalling, another type of brick issue you may encounter is the most noticeable type of brick damage on a chimney. Spalling is the result of water entering brick or natural stone and forcing the surface to peel, pop out or flake off. Excessive freeze-thaw cycles also cause brick spalling so we highly recommend having your chimney inspected after a winter of frequent freezes. If left unattended, spalling will cause crumbling and ultimately destroy the structure itself. The longer you wait to start your repairs, the more extensive and costly they are likely to be.


Another way you are likely to get water damage on your chimney is with a damaged crown. The crown is the top element of a brick chimney that covers and seals the top from the flue liner to the chimney edge. Its main purpose is to protect the internal chimney structure and the external masonry. Updating your chimney with a new, more modern crown is also a way to add beauty to the exterior of your home.


Because so many chimneys are made from brick and repairs can be large and expensive, we keep a Master Mason on staff at all times to most efficiently repair your brick chimney and restore it to tip top shape. And we are now offering financing as well, to those who qualify, so you can fix the smaller issues before they escalate and become bigger problems both for your home, and your budget. Call us and schedule your inspection today!

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