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How to hire a chimney sweep

Who should you call to hire a chimney sweep? Every homeowner thinks about how to keep the family they cherish safe.  A homeowner with a wood-burning fireplace has extra safety concerns, including carbon monoxide poisoning and home fires, to consider.  The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends having...

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Residential Heating Safety Tips

Record cold temperatures have hit the region and everyone is focused on staying warm in this winter weather.  Chim Chimney also wants you to be safe during these record low temps, and offers these residential heating safety tips to keep you and your family protected right now: Keep anything...

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Why Does My Fireplace Smoke?

Why Does My Fireplace Smoke? The only purpose a chimney serves is to draw smoke and other particles from a fire in the fireplace below up and out of the house.  It sounds simple enough, but There are many reasons that a chimney may not be properly pulling the...

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Anatomy of Your Fireplace

It can be quite frustrating for a homeowner to rely on recommendations from others to keep their chimney operating safely and efficiently.  How do you know when the technician has the customer’s best interest at heart, and when they have been trained to “sell” you services you don’t really...

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How to tell if a chimney has had a fire

So you are excited about purchasing that new home, particularly since the home has a wood burning fireplace, and you are looking forward to cozy times in front of the fire on cold winter nights. A home inspection will point out any issues with a home that you should...

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Chimney Fire

Chimney fires are the direct result of burning a fire in a chimney that has not been regularly inspected and swept clear of creosote.  These fires can be large and dramatic, with loud cracking noises and lots of dense smoke, but can also burn slowly if they don’t get...

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